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Description : good for liquid dnb

Description : A random bass wobble I made. Not gunna use it though... go ahead.

Description : just a basic hip hop drums loop. nuthin special, im bored.

Description : A classy beat. :)

Description : Funky drums in an EDM style! :D

Description : A continuing drum n bass drum loop.

Description : This is a piano from my song Muse and Calamity.

Description : This is my piano from my song Muse and Calamity.

Description : Piano clips from my song Muse and Calamity.

Description : Im using this in a DnB song. But you guys can use it haha. It is 130 bpm, but if you speed it up or slow it down, it will sound just fine at any bpm.

Description : The bass that goes behind my Sticks and Stones Bass Main. Fits together perfectly.

Description : The main bass for my Sticks and Stones project. Fits with my sticks and stones drums.

Description : The clunky drum pattern for one of my projects. Sticks and stones.

Description : Sounds like a machine powering up. Part of my "rigid" collection. Tempo shouldnt be a problem

Description : A piano. Random piano. I don't know.

Description : Another bass to coincide with my Rigid wobble. Im using these styles in my new song called Ratchet. But you can use these. :)

Description : I was experimenting with some bass sounds and I made this.

Description : Its not a very dynamic drum loop but its a simple 4 step drum and snare with claps and hats.

Description : Reminds me of a classy person with a top hat and monocle on. But what ever, heres a classy drum loop. Not Classical by the way. Just plain classy.

Description : A chillstep style drums I made. All echoey.

Description : A strange electronic dubstep wobble I made. Not sure if its the best but I kind of liked it after I kept using it. Go ahead take it, im not using it in any projects. :)

Description : This is my skrillex sounding wobble bass! :D

Description : A simple dance/bass line for a simple beat! :D Enjoy!

Description : A new hip hop beat perfect for any hiphop/pop song. :D

Description : This is my main bass wobble I used for my song I am making at the moment called, "The Twenty First"

Loops 26 - 50 of 61
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