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Description : Let me take you folks on a trip down trap memory lane. This loop was inspired by Zay and his organ playing from his beets from '06-'10. I made a beat with this loop, you can find it on my track page by the same name as this loop

Made with Kontakt. Use if you like Link what you make!

Description : Smething I couldn't do anything with, due to laziness

Enjoy yo!

Description : Made in Omnisphere. Hope y'all like this one, yo!
I kinda wanna hear what people can do with this one

Use If you like, Link what you make! HMU for Loops n Stuff!

Description : Another day, another Nickle...

How do people cope with "producer Block? These days I can't think of new melodies.

Made with Omnisphere and Kontakt
Use if you Like, Link what you Make yo! HMU for Loops n Stuff!

Description : Weird title unless you knows what "SADPANDA" is. If you do, then I hope you backed up your stuff yo

Made with Kontakt

Description : A quick Flute loop

Made in Omnisphere. Use if you like Linkwhat you make!
HMU for custom Stuff

Description : My speakers went out on me, hence the title. been mixing with headphones so sorry if this is mixed badly.

Made with Omnisphere, Ya know, the usual
Use of you like, link what you make! HMU for loops n stuff yo!

Description : Pad made in Omnisphere, with a bit of Chorus. Tried something new with this one. Hope y'all like this one. Can be used with any genre really. bass notes are D and E.

Use If you like, link what you make! HMU for Loops n Things

Description : Its been a while, yo. I couldn't upload loops for a while(apparently due to being banned). In that time though, I did some VST n Kontakt library buying.

This was mad with Native Instruments Noire, a piano library. It sounds really good, so check it out if you need a new piano or something!

as Always, HMU for loops, packs, collabs, ect ect

Description : I tried making some cubeatz style stuff that everybody n their mothers seem to make nowadays

Nothing much else to say, so Enjoy yo!

Made in Omnisphere. use if you like, link what you make! HMU for exclusive loops, packs, beats, ect ect

Description : Don't mind the title, Couldn't think of anything so I asked a friend of mine. Yeah

Made in Kontakt. Use if you want, link what you make yo!
Hmu through email or ig for custom loops, packs, samples, beats, collabs, ect.

Description : Not sure of a Description either

Made In Gladiator.
Use if you like, Link what you make yo!

Ah, I'm currently looking for artists to work with, if you're interested hmu

Description : Just something to buy the time

Made in Kontakt.

Someone recommend me some Kontakt Libraries, I need new sounds yo.
HMU on IG for exclusive stuff, n all that

Description : Hadn't uploaded in a while.
Some ambient yet dark stuff this time
sounds like game music a bit
Might not fit peoples tastes though

Made in Omnisphere. Use if you like, link what you make, yo! HMU for loops, midis, packs, full samples, ect.

Description : So today's my birthday, n all that. N it isn't going the way I thought it would. Made this to make today a bit better. yeah

Made with kontakt. Use if you like, link what you make yo!

Description : Im attempting to make my own drums for old school hiphop/lofi stuff since none of the kits I've come across are either trash, or too 'lofi' for my weird preferences.

this loop was constructed from various drums from sample breaks, and the Snare Jordan kits.

Use if you like, links what you make, yo!

Description : So, I just found out Derez Deshon (if people know who that is) dropped Pain 2 awhile back. It made me remember the first Pain, and my favorite song of it, P.I.L(Pain Is Love). Remade the piano part of it for fun n thought I'd share it, though its not that good and doesn't sound like the original

If I tell you I loooove youu don't play with me

Made in Keyscape

Description : Some dark, creepy bells with a simple pad for texture
Sounds Metro-ish

Made with Omnisphere and Kontakt
Use if you like, Link what you make yo! hmu for loops, loop packs, other things

Description : Some late night loop makin' yo! Ive made like 30 or so... maybe I should spam the uploads for fun??

Made with the PVLACE Omnisphere banks, go get those if you haven't got em.

Hmu for loops, collabs, beats, or custom anything

Description : This is something to go along with the Piano

Made with Omnisphere

Description : Just a little something I came up with while watching the rain... It's getting depressing now yo

Made with Kescape.
Use if you like, Link what you make!

Description : Ah the rain, how I love the rain...

...but not when it rains so much the trees cant even stay in the ground and knocks over power poles... I haven't had electricity for what.. 3 days or so.

I had to go to a library just to post this lmao.
To those of us living in the southern U.S., I wonder how ya'll doing with the rain?

Also Shoutout to portable laptop chargers, without them I'd probably be dead from boredom.

Made with Keyscape, It's kept me busy all this time.

Description : Just something to upload. Nothing much else to say.

Made with Gladiator and Icarus.
Use if you like, Link what you make.
For custom loops, or collabs, message me on IG.

Description : Loop made in Kontakt and gladiator. Use if you like, Post what you make!
For custom loops, beats, collabs, ect, message me yo!

Description : Part 4. Layer with the first 3 parts for the full loop.

Loops 26 - 50 of 108
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