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Description : The Chorus part from a project i've been working on today.
The Synth part is made in Ableton Live, complimented with Violin Strings made in Marislovs Philharmoniks.

The Chord Progression is:
G#2 - G#3 - B3 - G#3 - B#2 - F#3
The drum part is also uploaded to Loopermans exclusively.

Description : Created with Ableton Live 8

Synth made with NI's FM and Violins made with Miroslavs Philharmoniks.
The chord Progression can be seen in a previous upload.

As requested by Laysmitherz

Description : Made with Miroslavs Philharmoniks in Ableton Live 8.

The Chord Progression is: C5 - D5 - D#5 - D5
Good as tension builder or as supplying soprano sound in a hip-hop track.

Description : A lead Synth made by NI's FM, a tremolo Violin created with Miroslavs Philharmoniks, put together with a vocal "breathing" in a rythmic shape

Everything made in Ableton Live 8, with NI VSTi's and Miroslavs Philharmoniks.
The Chord Progression is: C3 - D#3 - D3

Description : Recorded with Abletons Grand Piano + Ensemble Strings

This Loop contains an 8-bar loop of both Piano and Violin playing a simple Riff in F.

Put some drums on it, and you have a catchy rap rythm.

Loops 26 - 30 of 30
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