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Description : simple drum loop for yall

Description : just a drum loop lmk if u use it

Description : same as the last one just sounds better imo

Description : heavy bass

Description : sad pads

Description : very simple and half decent

Description : water fx

Description : lmk if u use em

Description : LMFAO

Description : EDM TRAP ETC

Description : Drake Type

Description : bellsz

Description : Pads on Pads

Description : bouncy

Description : Drake x OVO pads

Description : Reversed Synth

Description : idk really

Description : Spacey synth

Description : Drake pads like always lol

Description : more pads as always

Description : Music box type bells

Description : Good for trap edm etc

Description : used a preset in TrackGod

Description : edm bass

Description : just weird

Loops 26 - 50 of 118
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