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Description : Just some rolls I made.

Description : Short synth in A major.

Description : 128 bpm drum loop

Description : A health regeneration sound effect that I made from scratch while designing some other effects for a short film. Sound like it could find its way into a video game.

Description : Heartbeat effect.

Description : Slow guitar strumming in C minor.

Description : Short melody in F minor

Description : A suspenseful timpani loop that has probably seen its fair share of films. The notes are C and G.

Description : Ready...Go with delay. Spoken at F#

Description : Ready...Go vocal tag at F#

Description : Pad in B at 80 bpm

Description : 80 Bpm drum loop

Description : Pluck lead in C

Description : Guitar bassline in C at 85 bpm using real guitar (the vst plugin).

Description : Jungle-like drums.

Description : Loop with panned delay for a bit more rhythm and a better stereo image.

Description : pulsating bass in stereo.

Description : A pitch rise with a flanger effect and stereo widener.

Description : White noise with modulated pitch, cutoff frequency, and reverb.

Description : Rhythmic arp that I'm using in the background od a track. 105 bpm.

Description : Piano, violin, and chorus.

Description : Trap rise Fx.

Description : Loop made using the Anubis Vst. Has a hint of Jason Voorhees in my opinion... The notes are both C.

Description : Viola plucks at 85 bpm.

Description : A short melody that I made using a sample that I made, a sine wave, eq, delay, reverb, and some distortion. 85 bpm in the key of C

Loops 26 - 50 of 86