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Description : Deep in the jungle...

Description : delayed guitars

Description : Eminor bells

Description : Juicy Bells

Description : samo dusty chords

Description : Made with free preset I found.

Description : Bluesy spacey melody

Description : This melody was stuck in my head the whole day. I had to get it out. Airy pluck sounds.

Description : Simple Guitar loop

Description : Dark piano melody.

Description : Trumpet + gross beat melody.

Description : Made with Vocalise Kontakt library
Sounds great

Description : Grateful Guitars

Description : The deed is done

Description : Casio Flute with added delay

Description : Chill Bells

Description : Used in a beat that went nowhere ;_;

Description : Made with mbira preset

Description : Used in a beat sketch that really went nowhere.

Description : Made with FL Keys, Gross Beat 1/2 time effect, and a tape emulator to give subtle amounts of wow and flutter.

Description : RnB Dreamy Piano

Description : Simple repetitive trap melody

Description : Ambient Space Piano

Description : Made using the KPRO - Dreamies preset.

Description : Double flutes. I used the Lotus Flute preset in Omnisphere.

Loops 26 - 50 of 133
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