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Description : Spacey chord spikes starting with a D Minor chord at 97BPM.
Share what you make!

Description : A funky little bass line in C at 97BPM.
Share what you make!

Description : Baby x Gunna Bells

Description : Some bells, a harp, a vox and a pluck all ran through every audio effect imaginable. Hope y'all like it. Have a great weekend!

Description : About the transfer to the post office

Description : Link what you made with this.


Description : Tempo: 97.2200


Description : xylophone from purity.

Description : act up melody part 1

Description : first loop here
show me what you make

Description : Wanna hear your ideas. Comment down below. Key: Eb Major

Description : Lead made in Logic. Wanna hear what you come up with. Key: Eb Major

Description : Just a brass synth in Logic. I want to hear your guys' ideas. Key:Eb Major

Description : Trap vibes
->Gross Beat/Half time recommended

Description : It kinda sounds like the song "psycho" by Post Malone.

Description : nintendo vibes

Description : Made this in 2 mins lol

Description : Hope usable

Description : 8 seamless bars of a choir progression, in a big space.

Harmonies: A---D6---A---D6


Description : 8 seamless bars of a gently funky riff played on a vintage Wurlitzer piano, with some tremolo added.

Your bassline: F#--C#---B---C#

Description : Inspired by Dr Dre

Description : prod by Tyand
death piano/ ambient vocals/ mystery FM pad
Send me your beats

Description : Made with Omnisphere

Description : Keys are A#, C, G and F

Loops 26 - 50 of 324
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