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Description : (pair with Ice Drums)

Description : Hope usable

Description : guitar synth

Description : g, d, f, d, f#

Description : My first version "Old Music Box - Behind the 24th gate" was used by Polo G in "Through Da Storm"
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Description : Mail to contact me is in my profile - click on the profile photo

Description : i was holding out on you guys with the lead for my last loop. Send me what you make

Description : im using it too, drop link please. I like to hear other people's songs

Description : recording of me playing sax. solo is from georgia on my mind by ray charles. i know im not the best but someone could make something out of it. p.s.s, this works perfectly with JAZZ CHORDS which i also posted but i think they are different tempo.

Description : for personal and commercial use
Send me what you did

Description : cool drum loop

Description : lots of snares

Description : Virtual Instrument: Izotope Iris 2

Description : Genre: Trap/Rap/Afro Trap/Dancehall/Reggaeton/Afrobeat/Pop/Latin/Rnb

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Description : got a boom bap vibe with this one, mix it up a bit from all the trap stuff on looperman

Description : More Drums Loops? Check My Bio! Free sample packs on my blog!

Description : Created in Maschine 2.0 using E-mu 49key for midi input. Free to use, just show me some love in whatever way you see fit.

Description : beat scratching with turntable

Description : A bass guitar plays a soulful groove with a gentle swing. It's very "present", with plenty of click-y transient; I'll let you tone it down if you want to.

Harmonies: Bb-------F

Description : A choir of soulful female voices sings a smooth Oooh in an expressive space.

Description : A gentle Soul groove with a delicious 16th-note swing feel.

Description : A medium-tempo, gently-swung piano groove in a 1960's Soul style.

Harmonies: Bbmaj7----F13

Description : Smooth!

Description : 131313

Loops 26 - 50 of 568
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