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Description : Mail to contact me is in my profile - click on the profile photo

Description : Ambient Vocals Type Loop vol5 by Davidz

BPM: 124
Scale: Em

For custom loops or collabs contact me on instagram or mail.
For info & contact click on my profile picture.
Share your music with me so leave a comment down below.

Description : Loop 3 of 5 'Polo Pack'

Description : Melody is based on a GG Allin tune

Description : Imagine

Description : Dark bell loop with some distortion and smooth keys, Phrygian C.
Enjoy. Post your creations, I'd love to hear them!

Description : If you like this melody and want to use it, let me know at my instagram @rugtherapper

Description : Yeah boiiiii, i'm bacc and ready to make cool (no) drum loops. Leave in the comm your work with using this drum loop. I hope you enjoy my work (^3^)

Description : Hey just another vocal chop that could be used for pretty much any edm! Would love to hear what you make!

Description : if you want to collab contact me

Description : Enjoy.

Description : Carnage Asada

Description : Send me your work !

Description : wrote and something similar to 21 savage)

Description : enjoy

Description : Hope you like this one

Description : If you use it, please send me what you době with that. :)

Description : Send me your work if you use it please. :)
I made this in Serum VST.

Description : light music box bells

Description : Drake/chris brown inspired.

pitched down 500 cents.

show me work in comments.

Description : I don't what to do with these so... there it go!

Dark bells in the style of Cubeatz. Goes well with hard drums, 808s and.. a trippy pad, I think?.
Made with Purity.

D#m - B° - D#m - A#sus4
D#m - B° - D#m - Daug - A#sus4

**I'm wanting to collab with someone, if you are interested, send me a message here on Looperman.**

Description : soft pad/piano

Description : post your beat

Description : Simple Brass Loop

Description : Hope usable

Loops 26 - 50 of 660
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