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Description : Recorded at 320kbps.
Pluck loop with mastering, echo and Reverb. Used in one of my own songs, but take at will :)
Good luck, and I hope you enjoy!

Description : Simple but groovin Dnb-Beat!

Description : A basic DnB loop. Processed with a small amount of delay and limiter. No other effects used so you can process further to taste. Can also send the Studio One project if requested.

Description : itz just a little bit longer..but yet still short

Description : eh i think itz pretty good....given it some time on diz one

Description : technoid dnb perc 172

Description : liquid break 172

Description : Hard DnB Break 172

Description : firebreak 172

Description : Artificial Reality break 172

Description : Break the Hoover 172

Description : 626 break 172

Description :

Description : old skool vocal loop ,one of my oldest in fact. Would suit jungle or hardcore.

Description : old skool loop

Description :

Description : Another random loop, wicked!

Description : Just a random sound i made :) enjoy!

Description : I was going to use this is a song, but hey, no need for it now, kinda whacked so, use it how you want

Description :

Loops 351 - 370 of 370
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