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Description : Orchestra strings section, idea i had but could not use..... so go nuts theres more where that came from....

Description : from fl studio 9 by wzor

Description : Piano sample from FL Studio 9 by wzór

Description : form fl studio 9 by wzór.

Description : Cool loop for a rap song

Description : This comes from a custom Malstrom patch I had for years now. Never really used it other than to hear that weird sound. This is made in Record with me resampling back into record and pitching the original down an octave.

Description : Just a quick piano loop that can be used for a rap song.

Description : oberon vst

Description : Simple little melody made using Reason 4's 'Fat Brass' and Korg Triton studios 'Ex Synth Brass'. Eight bar loop.

Description : Mellotron flute loop. I love the sound quality of the mellotron. Vintage. Not sure what patch was used but its in the Abbey Road refill. Reason 4 :)

Description : another wobble made and recorded on ableton, not to best quality bass but hey its kinda dirty.

Description : Tribal beat made in FL Studio. Inspired by the sound my dryer was making.

Description : Slickazz Beatz, this is tha Drumbeat that I used for "Bring it Back, Bring it Back" 2nd

Description : Slickazz Beatz, this is tha Drumbeat that I used for "Bring it Back, Bring it Back"

Description : nice it ..and give me a comment!!:)

Description : nice hip hop synth

Description : some strings

Description : let me know what u think

Description : Brass & Bass with Piano out on Send 2: Reeverb / 8 Bars

Description : Rhythmic noise with pleasing tones. Created in Max MSP environment with Granular Time Expander/Compressor and two samples

Description : Fruity loops

Description : the guitar loop from my track, confusion

Description : bass from the confusion track

Description : from my beat confusion

Loops 301 - 324 of 324
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