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Description :

Description :

Description :

Description : programed one shot drums. reverb and filter.
used battery 3 w/ mpd drum pad.

Description : A nice round warm bass loop

Description : Shaker. Add reverb and serve.

Description : Tabla. Add reverb and serve.

Description : Bongos. Add reverb and serve.

Description : dnb 01

Description :

Description : Formerly on my tracks section. It's purely a drum beat I created playing live on my Yamaha DD-20c a lil while back. I was originally wanting to make an entire piece with this, but never got around to it. So now I pass it on to you, my fellow L-peeps.

Description : on a Cool 40oz Thang.

Description : drum, strings n bass created in logic

Description : jazz guitar and organ loop

Description : easy beat

Description : cluby type synth

Description : accordion mute riff

Description : accordion loop

Description :

Description : Just a little distorted, for the delicateness :P

Description :

Loops 251 - 271 of 271
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