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Description : Fate is not a matter of luck, but of choice.

Description : A man who thinks is a man who becomes sad

Description : the most beautiful love stories are those that didn't have time to live

Description : rather than socializing with the rest of the world

Description : Some have hearts as dark as the hell of darkness

Description : .....

Description : when it was time to live the life you had imagined, but it's too late.

Description : A strong woman is one who is wise and moderate. In her home there is success because she raises her children with love and confidence.

Description : shyness is an ugly defect, it masks all the qualities of a person.

Description : silence is not empty, it is full of answers.

Description : it's your fear I'm afraid of

Description : the world is full of people living alone who don't dare to take the first step

Description : there will never be a love like that again


Description : love is not just about having sex. love is also about loving, caring, respecting, sharing, being faithful and dedicating time to the person you love.

Description : no longer mastering anything, no longer controlling anything

Description : regrets, tears.

Description : I often think about killing myself

Description : highwaymen

Description : Ghost in love

Description : locked in my world, in my head

Description : meeting application

Description : the body needs rest, the mind needs peace and the heart needs joy.

Description : compulsory mask

Description : double standards

Loops 1 - 25 of 841
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