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Description : Been a minute since i've uploaded something. What would you guys like to hear more of from me? Are we feeling the Dubstep loops or do you guys like my more melodic stuff?

Let me know!

Made in Serum, also did some post-processing to make it wider in the mix.

Description : Haven't been making a ton of sounds lately. Been focusing primarily on Elite Dangerous and working lol

Made in Serum. :)

Description : This Sounds sick.

Made in Serum. :)

Description : This one has potential.

Made in Serum :)

Description : This one whomps :)

Made in Serum

Description : This one kinda sounds like a Getter bass lol. I love it though

Made in Serum :)

Description : I thought about adding more ambient stuff into the background, but didn't want to overdo it. Enjoy!

Description : Experimental little thing.

Made with Serum and a glitch I worked up.

Description : Was messing around making more glitchy stuff and couldn't help myself. Here's an obnoxiously long tapestop backspin lol

Description : Man I love this stuff lol

Made in serum.

Description : Gotta fill my sample pack lol

Description : Made this one using a slowed down lofi toploop and some serious post-processing lol. Also a couple of my Serum presets for layers.

Description : Only used a frequency shifter this time, although I also may have changed a couple of patterns :)

Description : Can't forget the roots.

Made with Serum

Description : This one is pretty calm.

Description : It's so fun to just mess around in Serum.

Description : Something unoriginal :)

Description : Here's something original.

Description : This was made in serum using literally just a sine wave, which is filtered and moving the course pitch. Post-processing is just an OTT and some reverb to fill space, as well as a big ol Sub bass.

Description : Made using a Serum preset for the Sub, and some random Cymatics riser I just chopped up. Post-processing is minimal, with an OTT, a filter, and some reverb tails.

Description : Same thing as the last one, although I think I just changed the pitch of the sample randomly.

Description : This is the same Serum preset with some variation, as well as variation in the filter and a bit of reverb to fill some space.

Description : This sounds sick. Made in Serum :) Only post-processing I did was add an OTT and a filter.

Description : I'm gonna start uploading some of these types of things.

Description : Made this using a Moonboy Serum preset and messing around with the starting position/ repeating the same section of the sound.

Loops 1 - 25 of 292