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Description : Omar Dope Drum Loop 1

Description : A nice TRAP snare roll to go with the Drum Loop

Description : Goes hard!

Description : Simple heavy beat with hihats ending in a gallop

Description : Here is a drum loop I created for a Metro Boomin Type trap beat I made

Description : good base for real hip hop of wu masters

Description : ENJOY

Description : 808 Mafia x DP Beatz

Description : It Goes Hard.. Show me what you do with it!!

Description : Very Old but also Very Modern Drum Loop. I used the Boi1da Drum Kit.

Description :

Description : heavy 808, and drums with nice snare roll

Description : 100 bpm

Description : A snare roll from my song "Heavenly." Key of F. If you want something changed (tempo, drum pattern, synth notes, etc.), just ask. I'm always willing to help :D).

Description : 2 of 3 loops in 'Transparent' pack; a song I started making but never finished as I couldn't get any notes to sound right. Try and see what better stuff you can come up with, I wanna hear it! This is the build up - it is weird as it is 6 bars, but sounds good when mixed with the song well. FOR SOME REASON, IT HAS ADDED SILENCE AT THE END WHEN UPLOADING, IT WAS FINE IN AUDACITY/LOGIC - JUST CUT IT OFF, BUILDS DON'T USUALLY LOOP IN A SONG ANYWAY!

Description : reverb happy loop, with good atmosphere! with a little vox sample i did. the loop has good kick base

Description : para pistas de reggaeton

Description : Back by popular demand, Vinyl Trap drums are back!

Boi1da Kit + Guitar Rig 5 + Custom Layered Hi Hat

Description : Hear the samples to the beat i posted

Description : Reggae , Reggaeton , DanceHall , House , Pop , Moombah ; Queen , Drum , Trap , Latin , Modern , TikTok , Meme , Classic

Description :

Description : If you want that old school hip hop vibe, DL these drums...You'll love 'em.

Description : I love making trap and trap beats so here is another slow bass enduced trap beat cut into 2 sections with or without hats. Very useful and easy to cut up

Description : Dubstep Drums

Description : Bra Slip Back Beats

Loops 1 - 25 of 33255
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