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Description : ahhhh

Description : send beats with this loop

Description : made with Sakura
send me your beats

Description : Looperman suspended the previous loop

Description : Looperman suspended my loop bc of layers so i upload it seperately

Description : Made from a lofi kit

Description : idk what genre this fits in. make suggestions in the comments :)

Description : send beats u made

Description : ik they all sound kinda the same so i will now focus on variations

as always send ur beats

Description : just put some filters over it to make it more Lo-Fi

send a link if you used this please

Description : send me a link to the track if you used this loop

i really like the mood of this loop

Description : Plugins used: Hardcore, Acon Multiply

Send me your beats with this loop

Description : My first lööp
Send me your beats with my loop
Made with my new Fusion-HSH

Loops 1 - 13 of 13
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