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Description : Made with omnisphere. No effects so you can do it freely. Dm for personal work, collabs and more.
Share your work, please!

Description : Omnisphere is used with some sounds from Kontakt 6. Share your music or Dm for the flp or midi, custom loops, or a collab :)

Description : Omnisphere Lotus Flute and the piano is from keyscape. Kontakt 6 sounds used as well. EQd the flute and reverbed the piano.
Dm for on demand loops and more.

Description : Sounds used are from omnisphere. FabFiltered, Reverbed and Vinyl is used. Dm for private work, collabs, custom loops and more.

Description : Leave your work down below. Have separated bells in the last bars so u have variation to work with. All sounds are from Omnisphere.

Description : Let me know down below if you liked it or not by sharing your work!
DM for custom melodies or any specific genre. Peace

Loops 1 - 6 of 6
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