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Description : Piano, bell, pad, all chill. Go ham on this someone, show me what you make.

Description : Something I made a while back, never used it. Upbeat and ambient, I don't really know who I could see on this. Show me what you do with it

Description : Piano loop with Metro vibes. Chill loop, show me your tracks!

Description : Used some Omnisphere and messed with some effects. Ambient and chill. Definitely has some Carti/Uzi vibes to it. Show me what you do with it!

Description : Fire guitar loop, show me what you got. Post malone type maybe idk.

Description : Played out some notes and messed with the presets until I found this. Used some gross beat, eq, etc. Can be pitched up/down however you want. Show me what you do with it!

Description : Pretty fire drum loop that I used, wanna see what you can do with it!

Loops 1 - 7 of 7
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