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Description : this is the piano part to my 3 part loop titled Scum prog. 2-5-1

Description : this one is vibey you have to treat it right, check out my other samples too!! the key is Eb Major

Description : this is the backing chords to my recent upload in the same key and all, use without melody

Description : this one is very mysterious. the key is G minor, chords are Cmin, D7, g min nick mira internet money

Description : Something I made for you, enjoy and comment what you make!! lofi melodic piano jazz dusty nick mira pregression: 6-3-2-6

Description : this loop is very lucrative in what you can do with it. came from a minor key, aka a dark place. Key B Minor progression 6-5-4-3

Description : I like to sprinkle in some original melodies before the loop, enjoy the progression with the melody and without ") key: Eb Major, Prog.. 1-3-4-1

Description : very mysterious looking forward to what you make link it below lofi melodic piano trap chorus

Description : this one is pretty, progression is 4-3-2-6. enjoy a song, be sure to contort it and be creative with it.; piano melodic lofi sad nick mira

Description : hope you enjoy piano tapes coming soon
dm me what you made

Description : the chord progression is - IV, III, II/V, I (4-3-2-5-1) melodic lofi piano nick mira choppable lil tecca

Description : this one is simple but good for 808's and heartbreaks nick mira juice wrld bells bell lofi pad
link anything you make

Description : love sad lofi cute bells pad maj7 , hope u like this one it is very moody . enjoy the second half too, that was me blessing ur ears
link anything and everything you create too

Description : Lofi, Guitar, Ukelele, Bass, 3/4 time, a well-rounded loop
send what u made I love it all

Description : This is my first loop i've uploaded, I've split in into parts so layer as you please. :)
please link what u created, i love it all
progression iv V vi

Loops 1 - 15 of 15
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