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Description : Chill Phonk House Cowbell loop for fire tracks
pm me on ig (same name) if u wanna collab.

Description : phonk house cowbell yooo, tag me bro

Description : Chill house phonk cowbell loop
tag me bro

Description : house phonk cowbell, tag me bro

Description : Old School drums

Description : Cowbell phonk loop for house of wave tracks
G#, F, C, A#

Description : Sad, Emotional Phonk Cowbell loop, tag me on track

Description : Bouncy phonk cowell loop

Description : cowbell my dude

Description : Sad, emotional phonk cowbell loop :)
Chords: C3, G2#, D2#, F2

Description : Evilmane type phonk cowbell loop
F3, F3#, G#, D#

Description : Creepy phonk lead sample part 2

Description : Fast phonk cowbell loop

Description : Swaggy Phonk Cowbell loop

Description : Creepy phonk cowbell loop part 1

Description : Smooth phonk cowbell loop

Description : Aggresive phonk cowbell loop

Loops 1 - 17 of 17