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Description : not really sure what this could be usedf for. some of yall know what to do.

Description : for some of yall. its just some random stock flute. put a bit of warp on it. makes it sound like a shitty plugin

Description : i know it sounds like all girls are the same. didnt notice until it was all played together. but hey it works for type beats i suppose. put your comments below (also why should it matter if there are multiple instruments, this isnt Soviet Russia calm down)

Description : since some of you asked for it

Description : found some stock weird arp, halftimed it essentially. you can go a few directions with it, drop links if you used it.

Description : found some stock guitar arp, halftimed it, sounds pretty cool. second half is essentially the progression shifted up and copied, you can just cut it up if you want. drop links if you used it, or just geniune feedback, i dont care.

Description : pretty neat chords. comment if you use it.

Description : pretty neat. ambient bell, a filtered clav and a piano. comment links if you used it.

Description : pretty cool sound, cant find a better sound to play the cord on so, the chord progression is Dmin, Gmin, Dmin, A. Comment links if you use it

Description : wow, im actually uploading multiple times in 24 hrs. sounds pretty neat, just a few Logic Pro stock bells stacked. a broke boy doesnt have any sound vsts. comment links if you used it for anything. any logic user wanna collab comment your soundcloud profile as well, lets make some bullshit. freddo if youre seeing this, lets make a group

Description : sounds like an run down steampunk city taken over by robots had a microphone in the very middle and this is what was recorded. Not gonna use it prolly, anyone making some dark or hard shit can put this in the background.

Description : its alright. comment links if you used it

Description : its not that good but post a link if you use it. where can a broke boi get omnisphere

Description : sounds pretty full already. a zaytoven 808 following the bottom notes would work well. yall need to have your 808s be on key bc some of you dont realize you can just place them a few octaves higher to hear it then move it down

Description : originally made in garageband in 2015 but i recreated it on logic. pretty ominous vibes, do what you want with it, drop links or feedback as always.

Description : this is an older thing i had. still is nice though. drop a link if you used it, you know the drill

Description : its not exactly sad boi hours but real contemplation boi hours if u feel me. drop links to whatever you make. better be dope or you die

Description : some bird sounding cross of keys and a pad. sounds cool

Description : this has gotta make its way to a new logic album. permanent stank face. thinking about making a logic producer discord, lmk if that sounds cool. comment links and feedback, the usual.

Description : this shit is crazy tbh. let me know your feedback, comment links you know the drill. also lmk if youre a logic user lets collab and shit.

Description : some of you wanted this so here you go

Description : made with logic pro x. couldnt really find a good way to use it. comment your links if you used it or what you think about it.

Description : comment links

Description : Sounds like some older uzi. comment your links below.

Description : made with Logic Pro. Comment your links if you use it!

Loops 1 - 25 of 31
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