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Description : not my favorite loop. just made it quick i'm headed to the gf's house.

Description : made w Harmless in FL.
boost to low and high mids.

Description : mwahaha. i am spooky

Description : nintendo boys

Description : snare, hats, and kick. maximized to -10dB.

Description : this is a pad melody. sounds american to me.

Description : this is a dark bell melody with a pad underneath. make me something hard peeps...

Description : I used GMS stock in Fl Studio for this one.
boosted low and high mids and cut out frequency around 850 to get rid of annoying ringing.
enjoy :)

Description : this is a simple ambient bell or flute melody.

i used GMS stock in FL Studio. Added a little bit of reverb and eq. also normalized for maximum loudness :)

enjoy !

Description : aliens made this melody... peaceful aliens... not the ones you saw in the movie...

just a simple bell loop with a little bit of delay and eq.

Description : your generic heavy trap loop. lots of bass and raging kick. simple yet sleek.

Description : pad loop with reverb son. keep it wet we never want it dry ;)

added a little bit of boost to low mids to give it fuller thicker sound

Loops 1 - 12 of 12
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