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Description : Acoustic guitar blues drop D tuning. No effects but very thick sounding. I recorded this in Garage Band on a Guild acoustic with a D-Tar wavelength pickup.

Description : This is MHyst's laid back beat Rex loop with my acoustic loop.

Description : This is a stereo recording of a copy machine at my brother's office. A third track has some slight flanging. There is also a coin roll that pans from L to R then R to L. The pattern repeats three times in four bars so if you add drums to it you will he

Description : This is a simple chord change: Dm7b5 to G7 with piano and bass. I created it in Reason 3.0. I appreciate any feedback as this is my first loop. If you like to practice scales, try D diminished, or D half/whole tone, or D locrian.

Loops 1 - 4 of 4
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