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Description : RIP POP SMOKE
It's a shame he died so soon. Send me what you make. The Woo lives on...... Stay strong

Description : Got beat block after I made this. Let's see what you lot can do with it. Have fun...

As usual hmu on IG for anything. Also PLEASE email me what you make with this, I'm tryna see how differently people can use it. Bless...

Description : Have a go at this. Hmu on IG for collabs. And check my work out (via profile)

Enjoy and stay blessed...

Description : drake type loop

Link up via IG. Send me loops too via email (in profile) cus I'm down to collab. Looking for someone to work with in the long run so hmu.

Share a link to ur beats when you make sth. Enjoy!

Description : Migos/MINOR2GO/Buddah Bless type loop

Was thinking Migos "Deadz" and "Open It Up" when I made this....

Drop a comment if you like it, share a link if your beat's fire, and link up on socials and other platforms (via profile pic) Enjoy!

Description : playboi carti/don toliver etc.. type loop

synth pad, simple chord progression

Don't forget to leave a comment if you like it! Post links or email me the finished beat. Hmu on socials (via profile picture)


Description : travis scott/don toliver/wondagurl etc... type guitar

Was thinking "JACK BOYS" when I made this...

Leave a comment if you like it... Share a link when you drop sth... Hmu on IG for collabs etc..(click profile picture) Check out the rest of my loops in my profile as well....Enjoy!

Description : generic hip hop guitar/lute meoldy....I figured most rappers can go to this. Take your pick..

Don't forget to leave a comment if you like it.. Lmk know what your beats sound like by clicking the link to my profile and sharing links through socials or email....

I'm down to collab so hmu on IG or by email (via profile)...Bless...

Description : Accompanying bassline for my previous loop "Ante Up". Since it's my first loop to reach 500 downloads I thought I'd make this too.

Made it with the ff artistes/ producers in mind travis scott/don toliver/vou/wondagurl etc...

Don't forget to leave a comment. Click the profile picture to find my socials so you can hmu, I'm down to collab. Bless...

Description : travis scott/wondagurl/vou/don toliver/quavo/offset etc..... type loop


CLICK THE PIC TO HEAR IT AND VISIT MY PROFILE... hmu on socials if you wanna collab. Bless...

Description : don toliver type loop

click on profile to hmu on socials

Description : travis scott, migos, murda beatz, don toliver, etc...

could be anyone else. click link in profile for socials.

Description : travis scott, migos, 21 savage, cubeatz, murda beatz, don toliver, etc...

Description : 140 BPM

Description : optional stomp effects for HIGHEST IN THE ROOM Type guitars

Description : 140 BPM

Description : Travis Scott type loop: pt 1a pitched -1 octave, extra strums + bell

Description : Travis Scott type loop: spanish flamenco guitar + classical acoustic w/ flanger and chorus effects

Description : 140 BPM

Loops 1 - 19 of 19