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Description : Lil Uzi type drums, have fun
Temp - 140
Key - F

Description : I feel like this can be worked into so many things
Key is C

Description : Nothing much that title wont say other than, show me your works in the comments.

Description : This reminds me of 90-00s McDonalds vibe. Little jazzy and little entertaining.
Key is G#min

Description : Good for house or edm, show me your work.
Key is D min

Description : This is a happy sounding retro piano melody loop
Key is E min

Description : As requested, heres is non-disorted version

Description : Sad and Humble vibe
I can make non-disorted version if anyone wants

Description : Whole lotta boom, some say it be like that, I say I do like that

Description : Sadness and power combined, this is what Estonia sounds like.
Key: Am

Description : Accidental similarities are coincidence or subconcious controlled intuitions?
Key: F
Neapolitan minor

Description : Goes well to contrast with my "Hard Guitar" loop
Key: E

Description : Some Childhood Motocross game had similiar sound in background.
Key: E

Description : Transfered negative emotions into sound
Key: Am/C

Description : Very simple piano loop with sad vibe

Loops 1 - 15 of 15
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