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Description : just a simply chill drums....

Description : I wanted to make an old synth with a dirty guitar lead (like vaporwave?) hope you like it ! let me know you used and enjoy it :)

Description : you may use it in different kind like hip-hop, ambient or hard dubstep if u'r such a weird guy

Description : simple lead

Description : Heeeey guys, I'm thinking about create a sample pack since a long time... Here's a little loop in my pack... It's not finish yet, I'm actually working on it :)

Description : it sounds like a japanese theme, no?

Description : a lovely arp :)

Description : to make this "dirty" drums, I use overdrive and redux on ableton

Description : simply chord :)

Description : send me your work guys

Description : send me links with your stuff

Description : just a detune supersaw, and lfo

Description : Simply loop

Description : you can use it for future bass, dubstep or trap stuff...

Description : very chill out chord :)

Description : a cool retro arp/pluck :)

Description : idk what to say

Description : classic drum sample with percs loop

Description : classic and chill synth :)

Description : Just a simply drum loop with homemade foley, toms. :)

Description : a classic future bass synth :) sounds better with sidechain ;)

Description : A little sample by me, just reverse, put some fx... and add a vinyl loop :)

Description : Hard kick without 808, I put some compress hats

Description : Made with a lot of love

Description : A cool synth :)

Loops 1 - 25 of 100
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