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Description : Chords in order are:
Bm Bsus2 Bm A6
Bm7 Bsus2 Bm C#dim

Note: This was originally at 142bpm but the file was too big so I had to increase the tempo.

Description : yeah, it's another of these

Description : 808 loop with kick that I made for a song

Description : got bored and attempted to make a dubstep drop, sorry if it doesn't sound great

Description : Somewhat peculiar jersey club pattern with 808 attached

Description : it actually sounds much louder in the Soundtrap studio than it does in the final render

Description : idk just a drum pattern I made for a song

Description : I was experimenting with a tempo rarely if ever seen in drill tracks. Sorry if it loops weird.

Description : 808 tuned to C

Description : I really like how it sounds.

Description : just a kick and open hat, nothing special.

Description : very fast jersey club loop

Description : This synth loop can be used in any project you see fit. Notes are in D minor natural so D-E-F-G-A-Bb-C. Would love to see how you use this!

Description : A remake of the drums in Monsters by N1NT3ND0 (had to Romanize the title because looperman doesn't allow you to use non-English alphabet characters in your description)

If the file is too quiet for you then let me know and I will upload a better version

Description : I am also going to upload both the drum and 808 pieces individually for those who want either.

Description : The drums only this time

Description : The 808 only this time

Description : simple basic hip hop drums to use in a track

Description : simple old school vibe

Description : Soundtrap recently introduced a bunch of new 808s with glide effects so I've been messing around with that a bit. Here's one of them I ended up making.

Description : Clap buildup loop

Description : NOTE: This loop is in the key of A phrygian, NOT A MINOR.

Description : NOTE: This loop is in the key of A phrygian, NOT A MINOR.

Description : simple house drums

Description : Hard and punchy. Warning: might be loud.

Loops 1 - 25 of 58