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Description : Phaser rhodes piano chords playing on the upbeats with a slight delay between each note. Stereo widener added and lightly EQd. Add some crazy drums and 808s, let me hear what you cook up below.

Description : Hard hitting kicks plus a mean 808 pattern? Yes sir. cook up a quick trap melody in E minor and slap this monster loop on top. Comment your beats below.

Description : Nice and bouncy drums from a scrapped beat. Plenty of ear candy to make your beats pop, link what you cook up below!

Description : Staggered sounding drums with a knocking kick, claps, snares, and hi hats. Link what you cook up in the comments!

Description : Aggresive trap drums with a tough 808 pattern, link what you make in the comments.

Description : A bold trumpet melody in the key of E minor. I ended up scratching the song this was on but I liked this melody, it doubles up an octave higher on the second half. Add it to my Bons Drum loop or cook up with it yourself! Comment anything you make, I want to hear.

Description : A catchy, uptempo drum loop from a scratched pop project. Consists of a kick, clap, hi hat, open hat, and sub-clap. Ready to be dragged and dropped into your pop creations! Link anything you make down in the comments.

Description : Slow and groovy drums consisting of a kick, snares, claps, and an 808 in the key of A minor. Second 8 bars include hi-hats, but you can just use the first half and throw in your own if you prefer. Cook up a melody in this key, add these drums, and comment what you make! I listen to every one and give feedback.

Description : Bouncy drum loop consisting of a kick, claps, snares, and two different hi-hats for a trap groove. Throw it on your projects and comment what you cook up!

Description : Hard hitting trap drums consisting of a kick, snares, hi-hats, open hats, and a slightly distorted 808 in the key of E minor. Make a melody around this key and have these drums knock! Comment what you cook up.

Description : Deep, slow acoustic bass notes. Use with King Push Piano and Drums, link your works down below!

Description : Slow boom-bap bounce consisting of a kick, snare, and hats. Use with King Push Piano and Bass, link your works down below!

Description : Nice, spooky piano chords in fashion with a boom-bap Pusha T type beat. Use with King Push Bass and Drums, link your works down below!

Description : Did a little remix to Kanye West's "Closed On Sunday" from his album Jesus Is King. Added this flute and loved the result, so I kept it after I scrapped the beat. Comment what you cook up!

Description : Accompanying drums to my "Alive Flute" loop. Kicks, claps, open and closed hats, and snares. Has a nice bounce to it, comment what you cooked up.

Description : Quick, light flute loop. Have fun using it, comment your beats!

Description : My first loop, about time I started to give back to the looperman community. Simple drum loop with snares, kicks, and hats and a crash at the beginning. Feel free to use however you'd like! Comment your songs.

Loops 1 - 17 of 17