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Description : omni presets: Starfield pianobells
scale: G arabic
just some bells with grossbeat
comment with what you make with it

Description : emotional piano. got curved before I could should my shoot and laid down the most emotional piano melody I've ever done
Nexus:PN Nexus Grandpiano comment with what you make out of the beat

Description : I can't remember the key that this is in or the sounds I used in it... sorry. This is one of my most recent fire melody i've made. Post what you make with this loop, please.

Description : omnisphere preset: Ambient Space Piano
electrax preset: Bxll - GazzyG
(elextrax preset is found in the Ocean Veau Gucci Gang bank)

C aeolian minor

comment with what you make out of it

Description : Add some reverb and different effects to it and it'll sound good in a beat.

vst: omnisphere
Preset: triangular recorder

comment with what you made out of it

Loops 1 - 5 of 5