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Description : just something that I used a couple days ago.

I used them in this track
Description : idk why I even upload trap drums anymore but I suck at making any unique melodies lmao. Link me to any songs if you use any of my samples, thanks :).
Description : Just another upload, link me to your song if you use it! The bass is starting in the key of D5 if anyone was interested, and on request, I will upload another copy of it without the kicks or bass so that you can use it! Thanks!
Description : This is a reupload of the dark trap drum loop except I've taken out the kicks and the 808 so that you can add in your own. These are my first uploads to the site, feel free to link me any songs you have made using my loop and tag me if you'd like (@lil95).Thanks!
Description : Used a Dark 808 and some effects on the high hats and snares. Let me know what you think and put any links if you used it! credit lil95(me) if you'd like to show support!
Loops 1 - 5 of 5
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