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Description : Ethnic/Folk clarinet loop created with a Kontakt pack. A little EQ, compression and reverb has been added to create more of an atmosphere. Post what you make!

Description : Guitar tuned to open C variant. Recorded via Focusrite Saffire into Ableton Live 11. EQ, compression and effects from Guitar Rig added to signal.

Description : NSG X Wizkid Afroswing style loop. This loop contains sounds from the West African Library in Kontakt as well as the Kontakt Factory world sounds. Combined with a grand piano and minimal processing. Post what you make in the comments!

Description : Lil Peep inspired loop played on a Cort electric guitar through a Focusrite Saffire Pro audio interface. I have compressed the signal slightly using the CLA-2A and added effects from Guitar Rig 5.

Description : Loop of 3 electric guitar tracks recorded into Ableton. These tracks were merged into a single bus and then effects from Guitar Rig 6 added alongside Gross Beat to create a ARP synth sound. Post if you use, always love to hear it!

Description : Emotional SBE/Lil Peep style loop.
Played on a 1970's classical nylon stringed guitar and recorded through an AT2020 condenser microphone.
Slight EQ used to trim the bottom end, but apart from that it is dry.
Post what you make in the comments, would love to hear it!

Loops 1 - 6 of 6
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