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Description : Here's a melody that I made a long time in Sonar X3 Producer Edition with my MIDI keyboard and Nexus. I just remade it with Keyscape in Fl Studio 20.
It's a sentimental sounding melody that would work in many different genres.

Description : I used Omnisphere and Nexus to create this loop from within FL Studio 20. It could used in many genres.

Description : I really don't know how to describe this loop. Maybe you'd hear this in a movie when one of the characters is moving on and leaving everything behind?

Description : I made this with Dimension Pro in Sonar X3 originally and I just remade it with Nexus in Fl Studio.
It kind of has a dark feel to it.

Description : This is a loop that is dark and uplifting at the same time. I had to shorten the loop for it work on here, but it's not hard to modify.
I used a generic midi controller, Nexus and FL Studio to create this loop.

Description : This loop is kind of dark and mysterious.
I made this with spire and played it on a midi controller.

Description : The is the type of piano melody that you might hear during a movie where the lead character is reflecting on his past.
I made this loop with Nexus and used a generic midi controller to play the melody.

Loops 1 - 7 of 7
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