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Description : Some piano notes with distortion, lofi filter, and reverb

Description : A quick loop I put together using some chords, I dont know the exact chords because Im not great with theory but the bass notes on the chords is A sharp, then f sharp, then g sharp. Plz share your creations!

Description : A loop I made with some eqd 808s that I thought sounded cool

Description : Some horn chords I put together

Description : Quick guitar I put togther around key of B minor
Idk the exact chords but the root notes are B to G to F sharp

Description : quick piano I made in the style of 22gz

Description : Some reversed string I put together in the key of C

Description : Some gospel sounding chords I put together with some reverb in the back

Description : A quick piano melody I put together using a sampled piano. Its around the key of D you might need to tune it just a little bit

Description : Some dark piano chords i made

Description : Cool boom bap drum loop I put together

Description : Ronny J type drums and bass

Description : Some keys that I kinda made randomly but sounded good

Description : Some cool sounding piano hits
Notes are D, G sharp, D sharp

Description : Trap style guitar

Description : Cool chords and melody put together

Description : A guitar melody I put together which sounds pretty good. Plz share ur creations!

Description : Cool sounding bass that I pitched up into some hits

Description : Some chords and melody I put over it

Description : Some nice piano chords
Mostly in

Description : gospeling sounding chords that sound good
Hit me up with your creations!
Chords stay around A major mostly

Description : Some chords that go from c sharp minor to I think E major

Description : A nice little guitar melody I put together
Multiple keys:Bass notes either f sharp to g sharp on the chords

Description : drums inspired by The Temptations I cant get next to you.

Description : bouncy synth melody

Loops 1 - 25 of 44