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Description : This drum beat goes well with disco I think.

Description : Disco bassline bass pop rock hiphop dance funny happy lol indie also maybe

I think first chord is Am. (E is first and then A)
If you need further information, just ask in the comments!!!!!!

Description : I think this might be rhodes? Not sure!! I think this can be used for hip hop, pop, electronic songs, and a lot of weird things. Hope you like it.

Description : The background saw of the saw melody
Made with massive,
D - D - G - G
G - D - A - A

Description : Made with massive, a weird saw melody.
D - D - G - G
G - D - A - A

Pop, electronic

Description : Gitar chord progression neutral melody.
Am - Am - Am - C - G
F - F - F - Dm - C
something like that

Loops 1 - 6 of 6
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