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Description : synth playing some chords

Description : FL Keys with some processing :p

Description : guitar loop that would fit a variety of artists

Description : melody made from a guitar oneshot :)

Description : reversed guitar, made with one sound only. Also cool if you reverse it back to normal

Description : piano with a few effects to give it that old vintage/detune vibe

Description : try playing with the pitch :)

Description : chill keys

Description : chill loop made with oneshots

Description : made with oneshots

Description : synth sound :=)

Description : kinda dark bells

Description : bell with some processing :)

Description : bells with some reverb :)

Description : reversing sounds cool imo, try your best :)

Description : simple bell, try your best :)

Description : if you love your mama give it hard 808s and weird hihats please

Description : Add a counter melody like a flute to make this go crazy

Show me what you came up with :)

Description : Spanish guitar playing slow tripplets

Description : Some vibey loop where I took a bell, reversed it and merged it with the original sound to create the rise everytime before the bell hits.

Have fun with it

Description : Flute that sounds dope with a guitar synth lmao

Have fun G

Description : Synth guitar chords that sound dope with a flute :p

Show me what you made

Description : Synth pluck from Sakura in FL Studio :)

Tip: add a flute or a violin for a catchy vibe

Description : Put a really hard distorted 808 on it to go stupid

Show me the resultsssss

Description : Murder this thing please and show me the body you left behind :=) Key: D minor

have fun

Loops 1 - 25 of 30