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Description : Hope you like it

Description : Hope you like it

Description : from a single i'm working on ;) but i cant sing so it prolly turn out trash :(

Description : he hid the piano in his ass

Description : made with love

Description : Nexus, izoptope vinyl and gross beat. link your creations.

Description : happy women's day

Description : from "WOW.EXE" on my soundcloud

Description : idk what I was thinking

Description : Percs, kick, clap and hi hat

Description : yep thats right

Description : soulful

Description : I'm into that weird shit.

Description : just like me on valentines :(

Description : enjoy

Description : enjoy

Description : Made with love

Description : Its past your bedtime

Description : Made with nexus dance guitar preset

Description : Bell lead with guitar in the back

Description : put a double halftime on a lead i was working on and came up with this

Description : made with sytrus, added reverb and delay

Description : made with fl keys

Description : tay keith type piano lead

Description : Tay keith type piano lead

Loops 1 - 25 of 42
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