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Description : uhhhhhh wavy

Description : been a min. remake of my older loop. nothing was wrong with it, just wanted to make another version of it

Description : just a piano loop

Description : piano version of my REGRETS loop

Description : Dark trap bells
good for a Travis Scott type beat maybe

Description : ethereal pad

Description : more pads!

Description : Pad made with reversed piano and fx

Description : wavy ass pad

Description : pretty pad
made with Alchemy

Description : dark synth loop

Description : playboi carti pad

Description : ambient pad

Description : reversed pad

Description : Travis Scott where u at bro

Description : this isn't related to this sample but you can use note glides in fruity slicer (or esx24 or any other sampler) and it goes kinda crazy ngl

Description : RnB type piano loop

Description : cloud trap type pad

Description : I like lofi piano loops what can I say

Description : pitch-shifted lofi piano
chords are D7 and C#m7

Description : I dont really like all the guitar loops cause they all sound the same but I made one anyways

Description : alchemy synth is the sauce ngl

Description : floating

Description : melodic pad

Description : lofi piano loop, very original wow I know

Loops 1 - 25 of 82
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