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Description : title speaks for itself.
if used, please leave a link to your monstrosity in the comments. thanks.

Description : It has two parts: First only the 808s and then second the 808s together with kicks and hi hats
and whatnot.

enjoy, show me your work if used please (couldn't use it myself, so i'd like to hear what someone else could do)

Description : Just got omnisphere, so you know yo boy needed to do sumn wit that plugin Jah used.
I don't know the key, sorry.
If you use it, I'd appreciate you showing me your work. Love you.

Tags: xxxtentacion, moonlight, omnisphere

Description : yaaah

Description : xxxtentacion, scarlxrd, zillakami, cameronazi, whatever. I think it kinda sounds like #imsippinteainyohood but it also sounds kinda ignorant like someting Lil Pump would use, but its too hard for stuff like his.

Description : oh damn. I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO SEE WHAT YOU MAKE W/ THIS cuz it's kinda weird. I dont think id come up with something for this

Description : xxxtentacion rare pt. 2 type o shit. not very close but its kinda the same. cuz most boom bap drums are the same. thats why i do it different i guess.

Description : it kinda has the same vibe like xxxtentacion and his whoa song.

Description : would appreciate you showing me what u made w/ this
im kinda sick so imma try to cover my mouth when coughing aight?

Description : would appreciate you showing me what u made w/ this

Description : bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhyaaeeeeeeees
maybe like XXXTENTACION type o shit

Description : bruhh

Description : yeah.

Description : its lit

Description : kinda sad, i cried a lil bit

Description : very hard, just like the fact that i have to live with the knowledge that Sven died. rip. probably not dead. but still rip

Description : yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Description : title speaks for itself

Description : idk what type of rapper would use it, cuz i mostly listen to screamo so fr idk.

Description : yeah the title explains itself

Description : yeah I dont know who would use this, maybe XXXTENTACION or Scarlxrd, but it dont really sound like their shit,

last try

Loops 1 - 21 of 21
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