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Description : yaaah

Description : xxxtentacion, scarlxrd, zillakami, cameronazi, whatever. I think it kinda sounds like #imsippinteainyohood but it also sounds kinda ignorant like someting Lil Pump would use, but its too hard for stuff like his.

Description : oh damn. I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO SEE WHAT YOU MAKE W/ THIS cuz it's kinda weird. I dont think id come up with something for this

Description : xxxtentacion rare pt. 2 type o shit. not very close but its kinda the same. cuz most boom bap drums are the same. thats why i do it different i guess.

Description : it kinda has the same vibe like xxxtentacion and his whoa song.

Description : would appreciate you showing me what u made w/ this
im kinda sick so imma try to cover my mouth when coughing aight?

Description : would appreciate you showing me what u made w/ this

Description : bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhyaaeeeeeeees
maybe like XXXTENTACION type o shit

Description : bruhh

Description : yeah.

Description : its lit

Description : kinda sad, i cried a lil bit

Description : very hard, just like the fact that i have to live with the knowledge that Sven died. rip. probably not dead. but still rip

Description : yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Description : title speaks for itself

Description : idk what type of rapper would use it, cuz i mostly listen to screamo so fr idk.

Description : yeah the title explains itself

Description : yeah I dont know who would use this, maybe XXXTENTACION or Scarlxrd, but it dont really sound like their shit,

last try

Loops 1 - 18 of 18
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