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Description : I can hear the boounceeeee
show what u did

Description : Send in your beats!

Description : what an atmosphere...

Description : Post ya bangers in the comments!

Description : Harmonic Minor Scale;
Show ya beats!

Description : c l o u d s

Description : Used Vocoder, Flanger and EQ
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Description : Show me ya songs!

Description : Show ya vinyls!

Description : whoa..

Description : Post ya beats in the comments!

Description : Show ya lit stuff bois!

Description : Show ya lit stuff bois!

Description : Show me ya stuff!

Description : Pitch it down in the intro and you will have a banger!

Show yo stuff!

Description : Show ya blockbusters!

Description : Post ya songs below!

Description : Leave ya stuff below!

Description : Leave a link of your work below!

Description : Show ya stuff!

Description : Help
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Description : Holy shit, I cant sleep anymore
Show ya horror movies!

Description : A hard hittin 808 and some spicy drums and your beat is liiiiit!
Show what ya got!

Description : Second part is pitched one octave higher, because of the complete trap feeling.
Show ur stuff!

Description : Show ya things!

Loops 1 - 25 of 34