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Description : from the d-minor or c-major scales:
notes D/E/F/G/A

Description : 170bpm or 85bpm loop good for south style rap or rnb!!!

Description : had to think about giving this one away, but i think some ppl might could use it!!! didnt add any reverb or effects, i like to leave that up to you!!!

Description : the perfect snare roll fading from left to right!!! shuld also loop fine at 85bpm as well!!!


Description : a basic strings pattern found in a lot of dirty south crunk hip hop tracks. i left the over all sound of the strings pretty basic so you would have room to add your own reverbs and effects. hope you can use it,,,peeeace!!! should loop fine at 180bpm as we

Description : quick 808 bass loop for hip hop or r&b!!! made in lmms(linux multi media studio)

Loops 1 - 7 of 7
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