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Description : some Spire guitar preset. pretty dark, that's the beginning of something bo

the loop is just pitched down to -195

Description : Looperman, u rejected my last loop "Bluuscape" meaning it was different loops, You maybe want a screenshot to see it's only lowbass notes and grinding octaves just 4 times ? tsss this fckn site make me SIIIIICK.

that's ARP-PC-98 presets by Purity, that's ONLY CHORDS, you maybe want a screenshot too uh ? other guy made 10layers but it's ok cuz' it's Nightclub20x smeh. gonna create my own site I guess, or waiting for another cuz' hell yeh

loop is goot at 90bpm too

Description : Hello looperman team, that's only one preset from Astra, preset cop' on Slice "beat - Snug", just so that you know x)

Description : just some A# and F# notes, lil'swinglil'swing
Made with Astra vst and stuff cop'on Splice

and that's a Seq


Description : made with electrax, pitched down to -700,
at 9:40am this monday, woke up broke as always, with the desire to die, drink coffee, return to my cavern room, search for a fckn job, candidate to 2, and go back making music, it's my life like Bon Jovi said

Description : start at 9 1/2, when the reverse beginning hit up

Description : Some chords + lil'notes from Serum, hope you like it and yeeh it's been a while brotha & sista

Description : some 3notes played with Diva vst, thats trippy maaan, also it's my birthday today, love on you all music loverz

presets : CH Wutterbub from Twolegs lib'

Description : just some piano from Purity one more time

Description : juste some chords from Purity pitched down to -400

Description : Some bass notes from Triton VST, just a call for the outside

Description : Some Keys (wurlitzer) from a one shot pack, that's juuuicy like Mynthos

Description : Hello Hello ? Somebody reminds me ? I wasn't dead but my cpu.. yeh, that's another story :l
I'm back to give you some loops ma bo, follow me for more, and don't forget, luuv eachother in this industry

chords are : Bmin / F# pitched up to +129 and voil, and that's a pluck from electrax

Description : happy new year everyooooone
wish you the best for this year.
Lil' preset from Electrax, played on F#5-D5 and C#5-B4

Description : Some E chords with a little bit of strum "The Lovers" preset on Hive in Tarot banks. I give it to you cuz' it's pretty but idk what to with it

Description : sorry it was suppose to be posted on the same time as the other loop but yeh there was a gap at the beginning and yeeh.. You can cut it juste before the end of the 8th bar to really start it. xoxoooo

Description : Some chords played on Elite Pianist, a lil' pitch +166 and voil, hope the best for your last days of 2021, and may 2022 be a great year for all of us here, xoxo on your lil'fiakoss

Description : Lil' loop made with Ana2 (pad), hope it can be useful in your creation bros.
And for LOOPERMAN, it's just ONE preset from Ana2, soooo please, accept my loop.. others are making loops with different presets and thy can post, wtf ?

Description : Some chords made with Astra Key (dj vu) in D and F
may be cool with a big fatbass

Description : some dark chords made with CreepyPiano, a lil'bit effect on it (change nothing really), and made a longer loop cuz it cut like shxt :l sorry..
Hope you can work with it

Description : Some chords and lil'notes from Sylenth Keyz (Skydrops), pitched down to -610 and voil

Description : some chords again played in D#, pitch it down to -800, soo I don't really know the key, On Tunebat it says that is G major sooo.. yeeh.
preset : Purple Lullaby from Flex

Description : chords reversed are pretty interesting, just the pitch at +100

Description : Some chords played in F#, with a Xpand2 pad, no modification on it except I pitch it down to -400

Description : Lil preset from Pigments one more tiiiime
I made it in D# but after workin on it it tells me its now F major

Loops 1 - 25 of 207