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Description : Acoustic Guitar with Chorus and Reverb Effect

Description : Heaven like Pad, also sounds nice when reversed

Description : A melody made of some percussion keys and mixed with a dancy vocal run through a sidechain

Description : Guitar with some eq and rs retro playing chords with melody

Description : Guitar Loop with Delay & EQ

Description : Nice loop for slappin 808

Description : punchy drums on it and its fireeee

Description : Made with Flamenco Guitar Vst

Description : Played some Chords with melody ontop

Description : Sampled from the Intro of MacGyver, proccessed and pitched down

Description : Nice for a Drill Type Beat

Description : Kontakt Flute

Description : Flying with lightspeed through the galaxy...

Description : From another Planet

Description : Lofi Guitar

Description : Cloudy

Description : some nice wobble

Description : Piano Melody

Description : Hope you enjoy!

Description : Made in FL studio

Description : i really like this pattern
cool sounding loop

Description : Easy and simple but so magnificent

Loops (22)