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Description : If used, link track in the comments.

Description : Slow, simple trap beat with deep sub.

Description : Made with Sakura in FL 12.

Description : Simple but good.

Description : Made a complex trap beat a while back, this is just a polished version without the bass.

Description : Nothing too complex here, just some simple hats.

Description : Idk. Maybe someone will find a use for it.

Description : Made it fooling around with the vox and lo-fi preset in effector.

Description : Read title.

Description : A simple trap bass.

Description : A simple trap bass.

Description : Something a little different.

Description : Simple trap beat using hats that I uploaded previously.

Description : Panned hats with some bright percussion.

Description : Read Title.

Description : Title is self explanatory.

Description : Just a polished version of a loop a made a while back.

Description : Simple trap hi hats with panning.

Description : Dark, ambient bass made with Sytrus in FL 12.

Description : Just a simple hip hop beat with some fun, groovy fx. Made in FL 12.1.2

Description : Simple dance or techno beat with some cool percussion. Made in FL 12.1.2

Description : Simple hip hop beat with industrial inspiration. Made in FL 12.1.2

Description : Funky, fun, weird trap beat. 150 bpm, made in FL 12.

Description : Complex trap beat that I couldn't find a use for so, here you go. If you use it, i'd appreciate if you put a link to your track in the comments, or through direct message. Made using FL 12.1.2.

Loops 1 - 24 of 24
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