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Description : -DW BEATS
Please send me some links,
for collabs hit me up!

Description : -DW BEATS

For collabs hit me up!

Description : Mellow drum can be used in lofi or oldschool tracks peace

Description : just do it

Description : artificial harp

Description : Just take it and let me know when you use it

Description : These insane drums are for you, and you only enjoy ;)

Description : chillstep pluck, for a motivational song or a powerful drop!

Description : Creepy horror piano for old school hip hop or maybe trap!

Description : A cool piano tune made in logic

Description : Hello what's up, I havent been uploading for a while because I'm changing genres. So I've been making a lot of future house lately. So here is one of my newer melodies. It sounds a lot like famous dj's like oliver heldens. I hope you enjoy my loop.

And please let me know if you use it!

Description : insane bass, I hope you all like this one! 89BPM
Let me know if you use it peace !

Made it in Logic Pro x

Description : I made this one during my first dubstep project its 140 bpm made with logic and massive, !


Description : chilled out waves good for hip hop or chillstep, you'll like it!

D.W beats

Description : I was working on this for a solo beat project with a drum it sounds motivational. bpm is 130 enjoy it


if you use it, just let me know please

Description : piano melody for all kinds of music
bpm 128

if you use it please let me hear the final result !

Description : bass trap drums made with logic pro x, for RNB, hip hop, or trap, please let me know if you used it !
regards !

Loops 1 - 17 of 17
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