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Description : hope its usable drop links if u used would love to check em out :)

Description : bass is D#-C#-B-G# just in case, was just messing around dont really make beats like that so hope this usable :)

Description : hope usable enjoy :) lmk if u use it credits is much appreciated
more info in my bio

Description : made this randomly dk if ima use it or nah but here ya go hope its usable juice wrld style piano

check my bio for a free guitar sample pack, dm me for more info :)

Description : idek hope usable, check my bio for more info

Description : made a beat with it maybe some of yall could make use of it as well, check my bio for more info and for an free guitar sample pack as well

Description : made this loop, i dont usually make beats like these so here maybe someone could make use of this instead of letting it collect dust

Description : check my bio for more info, email me for midi if u want, dm for custom, hope yall like this and its usable, good for sad lofi songs

Description : was just playing around with my keyboard and this came out, sounds like some song u hear out of a child's toy or like from a circus or sum, could possibly use for lofi i guess

not planning to use this so here hope someone could make use of this loop

Description : check my profile for more info, dm for custom

Description : check my profile for more, dm for custom, would sound great with gross beat not just half speed

Description : all details in my profile,

Description : i hope this is usable, show ur work if u do :)

Description : super basic so yall have more room to experiment, dm me on ig for a exclusive loop pack @brokensoulbeats (btw any asia producers in here i wanna start like a collective leave a comment if ur down i make edm/lofi too)

Description : same ol same ol lofi piano ntg special, dm me for a custom my insta @ brokensoulbeats

Description : idek know man, hope its usable, link me your work if u do :)

Description : my laptop decides to crash and i couldnt revive the project file rip. this the only thing i have left from the project, too sad to remake the whole beat again so here.

Description : added so many effects to create this sound lmao but idk i didnt like all the drums i added for the loop,so here u go show me what u can do with it :)
email me if u want more info or just leave a comment

Description : made with nexus, show me what u can do :)

Description : made with wasp in fl, sounds decent i guess show me what u can do with it :)

Loops 1 - 20 of 20
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