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Description : Cut from a song that I was never going to finish due to lack of creative thoughts. 105 beats per minute. Created in FL Studio 12.

Description : created in Fl Stuio 12 with the Massive plugin, this is an enter shikari type glitchy lead synth. could be used for metal or other hardcore type shit. here's an example of it being used https://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/174945

Description : Created in FL Studio 12, we on some Chris Brown type shit. lmao. If you use this, comment and show me! I want to hear! :)

Description : Created in Fl Studio 12; I created this typical house/deep house style rhythm at 128 beats per minute. I did this by finding a sample in the massive plug-in and sampling said sample to make it sound better and more original. In my opinion, it would sound cool when used correctly in a deep house song, but could also be used (or experimented with) in maybe another genre such as hip hop. Whatever you use it for, I would love to hear your product! Enjoy. :)

Description : Made in FL Studio using an oscillator ;) could be used for trap or hip hop or something, so if you use it, i wanna hear :) enjoy!

Description : sort of a cinematic/atmospheric, mirror's edge feel to this loop. would be great in some sort of futuristic video or song or whatever. enjoy :)

Loops 1 - 6 of 6
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