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Description : RealGuitar Nylon preset with a bunch of fx

Description : Chord progression made with ElectraX
Key : A# Major

Description : Made with Xpand!2
Key : F# Minor

Description : Jazzish Chord Progression
Key : G Minor

Description : Really catchy melody, with kalimbas and flute !

Description : lets go boys

Description : Lets go France !!! World Champs

Description : guitar loop made with omni

Description : Vibey and chill

Description : let the music speak by herself

Description : put some fire drums on it and u have a banger

Description : Arp + Halftime = bangers for days
gimme ur souncloud links so i can check ur work

Description : Music Box Loop, I put a gross beat preset on it (E Trou Formula Bank) and EQ it
put ur links in comments so i can hear ur beats

Description : In the style of metro boomin or tm88

Description : hard drums
pm me if u want any midi file of the loop

Description : Chill loop
Made with Omnisphere

Description : Made with Omnisphere

Description : Sad piano loop
Made with FL Keys
Enjoy !

Description : drop some soundclouds links boooyz

Description : Piano with bells (reFx Nexus 2)
Tell me if you like this !

Description : Type melody of the beat plug
Made with FL Keys

Description : Synth Melody
I used TM88 Nightmare V3 ElectraX bank
Tell me if you like this loop !

Description : Zaytoven type drums

Loops 1 - 23 of 23
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