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Description : hats145 it is.

Description : Omni + EQ + Decapitator

Description : Dark Guitar - Omni

Description : what?

Description : Reuploaded.
G minor

Description : EQ, Nexus.
G minor.

Description : Omni + EQ

Description : Weird Bells

Description : Omni + EQ

Description : Em7 D7 Cmaj7 B7

Handful of EQ

Description : I did not really want to upload it yet, but whatever. Enjoy!

Description : Da - da - dam.
Duda - dam -dam.
Da - da - dam.
Duda - dam -dam.

Description : Dark Bells

Description : Good. Good.

Description : Just some piano chords

Description : That's what it is.

Description : Modified version of previous loop so you can add your 808s and stuff.

-Changed notes in the 2/4 bars
-Added Delay
-Removed lower notes
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Description : I think it's sweet.

Key: G# Minor
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Description : I think it's an awesome melody.

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Description : Piano + Reverb

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Description : Piano + Reverb + EQ

Description : Key: D# Minor
Reverb: Long tail

Spent quite some time working on the melody.

Dump your work below so I can see your stuff.

Loops (22)