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Description : Me saying cheezy dance lyrics

Description : Me singing "You and me, spending time that is all i want - how can that be so wrong?"

Description : me beatboxing badly and ummmming in it

Description : Me saying I Didnt Kill The B+tch, She Was Dead When I Found Her. I thought it might go well in a romantic ballad if anyone fancies it.

Description : Me saying I Roll In A Way Conducive To My Cash

Description : me saying This Is How I Roll

Description : Thought these might be funny to pop on if you have any comedically gay lyrics or anything in your hip hop stuff. NOTE: these are not intended for homophobic rants, but as the re-appropriation of post-ironic gay culture. See George Michael's twitter for further information.

Description : Just me saying random yeah what ah-ha ugh noises for you to use.

Description : Just a random rock sounding electro compressed drum loop i put together. Feel free to do anything you like with it. Just curious to see what can happen to something overnight on Looperman really! :O)

Loops 1 - 9 of 9
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