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Description : Yeah, I made this
Doesn't really fit into any modern genre, but it sounds too nice
Cut the latter half and loop it and the ending won't sound abrupt
Perfect for an intro/chorus or outro for your project
Whatever y'all make, feel free to share it

Description : Got caught in my feelings
Works best with Part 1 - Pad
Perfect for Moody RnB
Feel free to post what y'all made

Description : Got caught in my feels
Ethereal pad perfect for moody RnB
This pad works best with Part 2 - Vocals
Feel free to link what y'all made

Description : Emotive chords ready to plug in to any modern hip hop/trap or pop production
Feel free to post what you made

Description : A dark, melancholy piano loop with a vinyl effect perfect for RnB or Dark Hip Hop projects. Could be lowered an octave and chopped for Boom Bap beats as well
Post the links to your projects so I can see what y'all made

Loops 1 - 5 of 5
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